This time, slowing the train down would not be an option.

Apparently he felt the same way, because he rolled over and grabbed a condom out of his nightstand drawer, tore into the wrapper and slid the condom on, then parted her legs.

“You ready for me?”

She swept her fingers across his brow. “I’ve been ready for you.”

The curve of his lips when he smiled at her had a devastating effect on her.

“You have no idea how much I like hearing that.”

He inched inside of her and her entire body shuddered as he entered her fully.

She’d forgotten how damn good it felt to have a cock buried inside of her. And Flynn’s was exceptional.

When he began to move inside of her, she realized he didn’t simply excel at having extraordinary anatomy. He knew what to do with it. He moved with his entire body, rubbing his chest over hers, then leaned in to kiss her.

It was a full-body experience, and she immersed herself in every sensation. When he rubbed his pelvis against her clit, she moaned.

Flynn lifted his lips from hers. “I like that sound, Amelia. It makes my balls quiver.”

She met his gaze, drowning in the blue depths of his eyes. “You make my everything quiver.”

His lips curved. “Yeah, I can feel your body vibrate, squeezing my cock.”

He surged against her, and a tremor of pure bliss quaked within her. He rolled to his side, taking her with him, lifting her leg and draping it over his hip so he could slide deeper into her.

Oh, yes. This was so good.

When he cupped her breast and brushed his fingers over her nipple, she thought she might die from the pleasure of it.

“You’re sensitive here.”

“Yes. Touch me more.”

He was good at taking direction, too, because he moved his fingers all over her, giving her just what she needed to elicit arcs of pleasure.

“I like the way you touch me,” she said. “I like your mouth, too.”

He kissed her, then pulled back. “So I heard when I made you come.”

She shuddered, her pussy tightening around him. “Keep talking like that and I’ll come again.”

“That’s the idea.”

He surged against her, rubbing his body against her clit. She moaned, gripped his arms and held on as he took her right to the edge.

She didn’t have words for him because she was too busy breathing him in, feeling him, being so aware of this moment she couldn’t do anything but feel. And when he took her nipple in his mouth and sucked, she gasped.

“Yeah. I like to hear those sounds you make,” he murmured, then licked her nipple before sucking it between his teeth as he continued to thrust into her.

She grasped his upper arms, raking her nails over his skin as he pumped into her with slow, easy thrusts. She felt full and ready to burst but she wanted to hold back, needing to suspend this moment for a while longer.

But her body had other ideas and as she began to whimper, control was no longer hers. Flynn began to drive into her with earnest, deep strokes. She lost it then, coming powerfully with a loud cry. She felt that sweet free fall of bliss as she clenched around his cock with deep, forceful contractions, each one more intensely pleasurable than the last. Flynn took her mouth in a hard, penetrating kiss that left her dizzy until, finally, he groaned against her lips and shuddered against her.

It took a few minutes of heavy breathing on both their parts, but finally, she settled and Flynn rolled over onto his back, then off the bed. He disappeared into the adjoining bathroom for a few seconds, then came back and drew her against his chest.

She waited for that weird, awkward after-sex moment. It wasn’t like she was used to having sex with other guys. The last man she’d had sex with was her husband, and they hadn’t done it for at least a year before their divorce. She was out of practice. What did couples do after first-time sex? Talk? Fall asleep? Flynn couldn’t just leave since they were at his house. But he could get up and get dressed so he could take her home if he wanted to get rid of her.

Though he didn’t seem to be in any hurry to do that. He held her against his chest and drew circles on the skin of her back.

“You okay?” he finally asked.

“I’m fine. Uh . . . you?”

“Yeah. Though you seem tense.”

She tilted her head back to look up at him. “I do?”

“Yes. And it kind of pisses me off.”

Uh-oh. “I’m not tense. And why are you pissed off?”

“Because I just worked hard to relax you. Obviously I didn’t do a good enough job.”

She laughed. “Oh. First, you did a phenomenal job. I came twice. Second, I might have been a little tense. I’m sort of out of practice with the post-coital thing.”


“Yes. My ex and I hadn’t done it in a really long time before the divorce. And you, lucky guy, are my first since then.”

He smiled down at her and didn’t seem at all nervous or upset about what she’d just revealed to him.

He smoothed his hand over her back. “Now I do feel lucky. Thanks for choosing me.”

She didn’t know how to answer him. A “you’re welcome” seemed weird.

“So why were you tense?”

She rolled over onto her back. “I don’t know. I guess I don’t know how things are done now.”

He laughed, then shifted to lean over her. “First, I highly doubt it’s been so long for you that some unnamed rules of sex have changed. Second, there aren’t any rules. We’ll do whatever feels right for you and for me, okay?”