“You next,” she said.

He shucked his clothes in a hurry, then grabbed the blanket from the sofa and tossed it on the floor. He knelt on it and spread her legs so he could put his mouth on her.

She gasped and laid her hand on his head while he spread his tongue around her clit. Her tart flavor was the best aphrodisiac, filling his senses with a desire to make her come on his tongue.

She was hot and wet and lifted up against him. He flicked his tongue around her, giving her what she needed to get there. He loved the feel of her muscles tensing, the way she gave herself over to him as he flattened his tongue against her clit.

And when she came, her body trembled and she whimpered in such a damn delicious way it was all he could do not to stand up and drive his cock inside of her just so he could feel the quakes of her orgasm. But this was for her and he wanted her to ride the wave of her climax all the way through.

Finally, he stood and Amelia moved into him, putting her mouth on his and sliding her tongue inside to wrap around his in a deep, passionate kiss that made his balls draw up tight with need. He tugged her close and rocked his cock between her legs, sliding against the wetness there.

She finally pulled back, pressing her hands against his chest. “Sit.”

He parked it on the sofa, and Amelia came over and leaned down to him. She reached over on the table next to the sofa and picked up a condom packet.

He arched a brow. “Just happened to have one of those sitting on the porch?”

“I never reveal the whereabouts of my secret condom stash.”

He grinned, then took the packet from her, tore it open and slid it on. “How do you want it?”

She grinned back. “Inside me. But how about this way?”

She straddled his thighs and slid down over his cock, leaning back enough so he could watch his cock disappear within her. There was nothing hotter than seeing the two of them connected, to feel himself buried deep inside of her. When she was fully seated on top of him, he grasped her hips and drew her forward so he could take a nipple into his mouth. The bud was soft and he flicked his tongue over it before sucking it.

She hissed and raked her nails across his shoulders. “Oh, yes. Suck it, Flynn. Harder.”

The edge in her voice made his balls quiver. He could spill inside of her right now just feeling the way she moved against him and the taste of her soft nipple inside his mouth.

He released her nipple, grasped her hands and held on while she rode him, taking in the view of her body as she undulated against him. She was a beautiful goddess, in control of both of them as she rocked him to oblivion. And when she spasmed around his cock, tilted her head back and lost control with her orgasm, he thrust into her with his climax, spilling inside of her with his own release.

It was a damn good feeling, a euphoria he didn’t want to let go of.

Amelia clasped on to him and lay her head on his shoulder, breathing deeply as she recovered. He wrapped his arms around her and let them both settle.

“We could just stay like this all night,” she murmured against him.

“We could, but it might get a little cold. And eventually there’d be sunrise.”

She lifted her head. “True. Let’s go get in my bed.”

She lifted off of him. He dashed into her bathroom to get rid of the condom. When he came out, Amelia was propped up on the bed, beautifully naked and holding her glass of wine. She motioned with her head over to the nightstand.

“Yours is over there.”

He came toward the bed. “Huh. I thought mine was right there.” He motioned to her.

She laughed. “I meant the wine.”

He picked up the glass and climbed onto the bed next to her, then took a swallow of wine before setting it down on the nightstand. He turned to her.

“Tell me about your ex.”

She shot him a raised brow. “That’s your idea of after-sex small talk?”

He shrugged. “We’re dating now. We should get to know each other better. And I want to know about your life before you came here.”

Amelia took a sip of wine. Then another. Flynn could tell talking about her ex was something she didn’t enjoy, that it made her uncomfortable. He hadn’t meant to make her uncomfortable, but he was being honest when he told her he wanted to know her better. And her ex was part of her past—obviously a big part of her past. He wanted insight into what made her leave Portland and come here.

When she took yet another sip of wine and still hadn’t answered him, he decided maybe he should get the conversation started. “You moved from Seattle to Portland for him.”

“Yes. Frank—that’s my ex—received a really wonderful job offer. We had been dating for a year when we got engaged. We got married eight months later and a month before the wedding Frank got a job offer in Portland he couldn’t refuse. So after the wedding we moved there. Actually, he moved before the wedding since he had to start his new position right away. I joined him after the wedding.”

“That’s kind of stressful on a new marriage.”

“It was fine. I was fine with it. We were in love and it seemed like a new adventure. I found a job at a wonderful restaurant and climbed up the chain of command there. I was happy. We were happy—for a while.”

He toyed with a lock of her hair. “So what happened?”

“I don’t honestly know what changed. I can’t pinpoint when it happened or why. Maybe it was the stress of his job. Frank was in a tech job and it was very challenging for him, so he depended on me a lot. His family was in Seattle, so I was all he had and, honestly, my situation was similar. My dad is gone and my mother and I are estranged, so I liked having Frank in my life, someone to count on. Both of us really loved being just the two of us, you know?”