And now he needed to shove that part of her past where it belonged—in the past.

He pushed her onto the mattress. “I’ve got something that’ll make you feel even better.”

She raised her arms above her head as he moved next to her. “Oh, really? And what might that be?”

“A bedtime story.”

“Do tell.”

“Once upon a time there was a tongue, a pair of hands and a really big cock . . .”

She sighed as he bent to lick her breasts. “I do love a good bedtime story.”


Amelia enjoyed watching a good football game, but admittedly she’d never actually been to a stadium before. This was going to be a first for her.

Since Flynn had to be at the stadium super early that morning, she wouldn’t show up until later. She made arrangements to meet up with Mia and take Caltrain and the light rail to the stadium, since she knew traffic would be a nightmare. Flynn had offered to arrange for a private car to drive them there, but Amelia and Mia decided public transportation would be a lot more fun. They’d be able to engage with the other fans that way. And Mia had insisted they wear Sabers gear so they could get into the spirit of the game.

Amelia wasn’t about to let either Mia or Flynn know that she didn’t own Sabers gear. What kind of fan—or girlfriend—would she be if she admitted she didn’t own Sabers gear?

Not that she was Flynn’s girlfriend or anything. Or was she? She had no idea. She wasn’t much for labeling. They were dating. That was enough to admit for now.

Before she headed into work on Saturday she stopped into one of the pro gear shops in the city and bought a jersey. And she just happened to find a number Ninety-Two jersey with Cassidy on the back. If she was going to gear up, she might as well do it right.

She drove over to Flynn’s house several hours before game time. Mia came out wearing a Sabers long-sleeved shirt and a jacket and climbed into the front seat.

Mia grinned at her. “Nice jersey. Is it new?”

She knew she should have dirtied it up some. Then again, the thought of wearing a dirty jersey made her shudder. “It might be. Don’t tell Flynn.”

Mia laughed. “Your secret is safe with me.”

They drove to the train station and parked, bought their tickets and climbed aboard. As she suspected, at each stop the train filled with more and more Sabers fans. By the time they got to their transfer stop, everyone on board was talking about today’s game against St. Louis, and their entire car made the transfer over to the light rail system that would take them to the stadium.

They rode with a happy crowd of people to the stadium. She was so glad they’d decided to travel this way. It really amped up her enthusiasm for the game.

Flynn had gotten them passes to the suite where the players’ wives and families sat and watched the games. After they showed their passes at security and made their way upstairs to the suite, Amelia could only gape in awe.

“Wow,” she whispered to Mia. “Fancy.”


The room had plenty of seating in front of floor to ceiling windows with a perfect view of the fifty-yard line.

“Hi.” A beautiful dark-skinned, dark-haired woman came over. “I’m Tiffany LaSalle. My husband, Randy, plays wide receiver for the Sabers. Is this your first time here?”

Mia nodded. “I’m Mia Cassidy. Flynn is my brother. This is Amelia Lawrence, Flynn’s girlfriend.”

Amelia didn’t know what to make of Mia’s ease in introducing her as Flynn’s girlfriend, but Tiffany gave them both a wide smile.

“It’s so great to meet both of you. We’ve had Flynn’s parents here before, and a couple of his brothers. Come on in and I’ll introduce you to everyone.”

She met so many people she wished they were all wearing name tags, because she was never going to remember everyone. But they were all friendly and welcoming, so her immediate nervousness evaporated.

“I don’t know about you, but I need a drink,” Mia said after the meet and greet. She hooked her arm in Amelia’s and dragged her over to the bar, where they each ordered a glass of wine.

They wandered over to one of the sets of windows. Amelia looked down onto the field. They had a really nice view of the Sabers players.

“They’re doing warm-ups right now,” Mia said.

“I don’t usually get to see a lot of the warm-up portion when I watch it on TV. Maybe a brief view, and then they go back to the sportscasters or commercial.”

She was fascinated watching them on the field. Okay, so she was watching Flynn and his teammates stretching, running and shoving each other. He looked fine in his uniform. There was no doubt the man had a stellar ass, and it was shown off to perfection in that uniform. He looked so formidable, so fierce out there.

And when the other team came out and they did the coin toss, Amelia and Mia settled into their chairs. Amelia realized she was tense. She had always watched the games, but more with one eye on the TV while she was cooking, more as a passive observer. Today, though, her attention was riveted to the field. Whether that was because she was here in person and that made the experience more vivid for her, or whether it was because her feelings for Flynn were growing, she wasn’t certain.

Either way, it was kickoff time and she so hoped Flynn and the Sabers had a good game.

* * *

It wasn’t often that Flynn got to play against his brother, especially on his home turf. He loved Grant, and he knew his brother loved him, too, but once on the field, they were just competitors. And both of them would do anything to win, no matter what it cost the other.