She felt her heart pounding, heard her own staccato breaths as she struggled with each inhalation. “It did?”

“Yeah. It’s low here,” he said as he traced his finger over the scoop neck, making her heartbeat skitter. Then he smoothed his hand across her breast and down her rib cage, and grasped a handful of the material of her dress at her hip. “And high here.”

She shuddered as he slipped his hand under her dress. She expected him to go right for the goods, but he didn’t. Instead, he smoothed his hand over her hip.

“You have the softest skin, Mia. It’s what I remember most about our one night together in college. It’s like sliding my hand over satin.”

His gaze was locked on hers as he rubbed his thumb over her hip and all she could do was hold on to him like he was a lifeline. She had no idea her hip was an erogenous zone, but she was quaking. And when he slipped his fingers under her panties and skimmed her skin there, she let out a low moan.

Then he took her mouth in a blistering kiss that set her on fire. She wanted so much more than this make-out session against the wall. She wanted them naked. She wanted to feel him moving inside of her.

She wanted an orgasm so badly her entire body throbbed with the need of it.

Nathan pulled back. “You’re shaking. Are you okay?”

“No. I need . . .” She couldn’t put it into words.

He swept his hands down her arms. “Tell me what you need.”

“Everything. You and me naked would be a good start.”

His lips curved into a wickedly sexy smile. “I can make that happen.”

He led her into the room and over toward the bed. “Turn around.”

She turned to face the bed. She’d left the drapes open and stared out at the full moon that bathed the room in a silvery glow. Nathan undid the zipper of her dress and she shivered at the contact of his knuckles against her bare skin. He kissed her shoulders when he pulled the dress away. She turned around to face him, his face outlined in the moon’s light.

She let the dress drop to the floor.

She was so glad she wore the black underwear to match the dress. Maybe subconsciously she’d known where this night was going.

Nathan’s gaze was hot as he looked at her, from her face to her body and back again.

“It’s been three years since that night, Mia, and you know what? I’ve never forgotten a minute of it.”

“We were drunk that night.”

He undid the buttons of his shirt, then shrugged out of it. “Yeah, we were. I still remember all of it. How beautiful you were. You’re even more beautiful now.”

So was he. He’d always been lean and muscular, but he’d added some weight and more muscle. He was taller, more imposing. But she’d never felt threatened or powerless when she was with Nathan. He always made her feel safe and cared for.

She reached out and spanned her hands over his wide chest. “You’re beautiful, too.”

One corner of his mouth lifted. “You’re supposed to say I’m strong and muscular.”

“Yes, that, too. But there’s a beauty in the way you’re sculpted. You work so hard to achieve this strength. I admire it.”

“So do you.” He ran his fingertip over her shoulder, and down over her bicep. “You’re strong, Mia. Not in the same way I am, but I know how hard you work on your body, and on your inner strength, too. Your spirit is the strongest thing about you.”

He couldn’t have complimented her more. “Thank you.”

He reached around and undid the clasp on her bra, then pulled the straps from her shoulders. He cupped one of her breasts and teased her nipple with his thumb. “You’re like a goddamn work of art. Everything about you fits perfectly.”

She didn’t have large breasts. They were actually kind of small. But she was petite, so for Nathan to say she was perfect made her feel that way. And when he bent over and fit his mouth over her nipple to suck it between his lips, she let out a moan of pleasure.

This was exactly what she needed, what she craved from him. He popped the nipple out of his mouth and sucked the other one, giving equal pleasure. It was glorious and breathtaking. She wound her fingers into his hair, losing herself in sensation.

He rose and kissed her again and she couldn’t resist cupping his erection. He groaned against her lips. Her body flared with a quake of its own.

He pushed her gently onto the bed. She looked up and watched as he undid the zipper on his pants and let them drop, along with his boxer briefs. Then he was beautifully naked.

Talk about a work of art.

“You should always be without clothes.”

He smirked. “Around you? Hell, yeah.”

He leaned over the bed and grasped her panties, pulling them down over her hips and legs and adding them to the pile of their discarded clothes. Then he crawled onto the bed and lay next to her.

“Did you bring condoms?” he asked.

She rolled on her side and propped her head on her elbow. “What if I said no?”

“Then I’d use my mouth and my hands to make you come about five times tonight. And we’d wait until we got back home to fuck.”

She loved that answer. And of course he’d see to her needs without once mentioning his own because that was the kind of guy Nathan was. “Yes, I brought condoms. Did you?”

“I have one in the pocket of my pants.”

She shoved at his shoulder.

“You’re an asshole.”

He pushed her onto her back. “Nah. You like me. And you brought condoms, which meant you were thinking about having sex with me.”

“Who says I brought the condoms to have sex with you?”

“I don’t see any other random dude in here.”

She walked her fingers across his chest. “No, just this random dude. So I guess you’ll do.”

He rolled over on top of her, captured her hands and raised her arms over her head. “Oh, lumping me in with the randoms, huh? Gonna make you pay for that one, Mia.”

His threat made her shiver in anticipation. “Really. In what way?”

He palmed her breast, then ran his thumb ever so lightly over her nipple. “How does this feel?”

“It tickles.”

He rolled his fingertip back and forth over the bud until it stood hard and upright. The sensation shot straight to her sex.


“Mmm, good.”

Then he put his mouth on her, sucking her nipple. He sucked gently at first, then harder, making her squirm, all the while holding her wrists over her head and pinning her lower body with his legs so she couldn’t move. He attended to both of her nipples by touching and sucking them repeatedly until waves of torturous need washed through her.


He lifted his head. “Yeah.”

“I need more.”

He smoothed his palm along her rib cage and over her lower belly. “More down here?”

She swallowed. “Yes.”

When he cupped her sex, he gave her that lopsided grin that never failed to make her heart kick up a fast beat. “You’re wet and ready for me, Mia. Want me to fuck you?”


Instead, he teased her with his fingers and his hand until she lifted her hips to meet him. And when he slid a finger inside of her, she gasped.

“I love watching you move,” he said. “I love hearing you breathe. Now I want to watch you come. Let me hear you, Mia.”

He teased her clit with expertly smooth movements of his hand while dipping his finger in and out of her until she was mindless, seeking only the rush of orgasm. And oh, she was so close. So. Close.

“That’s it,” he murmured. “You’re right there, Mia. Let go.” He alternately sweet-talked her with his smooth, sexy voice, then licked her nipples and used his amazing fingers to pleasure her relentlessly until she shuddered and moaned through an amazing orgasm. He stayed right there with her, murmuring his approval as she rocketed through her climax with wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure.

When her hips finally relaxed on the mattress, she expected Nathan to release her arms. He didn’t. Instead, he coaxed her right back into another frenzy with his fingers. She was helpless to do anything but ride the wave of his beautiful, relentless torment. This time, she cried out when she came, bucking against his hand with her release.