Only she was alone. She didn’t have Amelia or the other players’ wives or Tara or anyone with her.

This sucked.

She shook her head. “No, this is fine. I’m doing the right thing.”

She sat and picked up her planner, making some notes for next week’s meetings while she watched the game. It was time to calm down.

The game progressed well. The opposing team didn’t score on them until well into the second quarter, and then, only a field goal.

Mia grinned. That would make Flynn happy. And the Sabers had scored another touchdown, which was even better.

By halftime they were up fourteen to three. Mia got up to stretch and make herself a salad. She decided before she ate she’d head upstairs to do some yoga, which might help alleviate some of her tension. She did a few light stretches, working on her breathing and clearing her head. She felt much better after and settled in with her salad to watch the second half of the game.

She picked up her phone to see a text message from Amelia.

Miss you. Wish you were here at the game.

And another one from Wendy.

Girl. Why aren’t you here? Work can wait!

She sighed.

She texted them both that she missed them, and that she’d be there next time.

Maybe. Maybe not. It would all depend on how the media handled Nathan after the game. Nathan might not realize why she’d broken up with him, but when he did his presser after the game and they focused only on the game and not on the chick in the stands who’d been rooting for him, he’d thank her.

Nathan was a superstar in the making, and that’s where all the attention should be. If he had a good management company supporting him, that’s exactly what they’d tell him. No girlfriends, no PR about girlfriends, nothing to take the focus away from his career.

This just wasn’t the right time for them. She knew that, and he’d come to realize it as well.

Even if she didn’t sleep well at night anymore. Even if her heart hurt every day. Even if she did still love him, and probably always would.

She was tough. She’d get over it.


THEY’D WON. BY THE TIME HE’D FINISHED THE FIRST series with a touchdown, Nathan had known they were going to win this game. He’d felt the confidence rushing through him. His team had felt solid on both sides of the ball.

He felt great. Now he just had to get through media interviews, which so far were going well.

“How did you feel going into your first regular game of the season?”

“Confident. Coach has put together a talented team on offense. Defense held Arizona to two field goals, making it easier for us to do our jobs. All in all, I thought it was a great start to the season for the Sabers.”

“Any concerns about the team at any level?”

“None at all. Everyone’s healthy and as you could see from the game play today, everyone’s pulling their weight at every position. I’d say we’re in fine shape for the start of the season.”

“So you feel focused and ready to roll?”

Nathan smiled. “Yup.”

“What about your personal life? Are you still seeing Mia Cassidy?”

He’d expected the question. “My personal life isn’t up for discussion. Let’s stick to football.”

“Was she at the game today?”

“I’m not discussing my personal life, today or any day.” He got up. “Thanks, everyone.”

When he left the media room, his coach came over to him. “Sorry about that.”

“It’s okay, Coach. They can keep asking the questions, but they won’t get an answer from me.”

“You did good, kid. And in the future I’ll take care of those questions. They won’t like my answer.”

Nathan could well imagine how his coach would handle reporters asking personal questions. His coach was a nice guy—until you pissed him off.

“Thanks. I appreciate it.”

“Hey, I agree with you. What you do when you’re not on the field is no one’s business but your own. So now go relax and we’ll see you at practice.”

“Thanks, Coach.”

He went to his locker. Jamal was just finishing up, so he smiled at Nathan.

“Wendy and I are headed out to celebrate. You in?”

“Not today, but thanks. You two enjoy.”

Jamal laid his hand on Nathan’s shoulder. “You okay, buddy?”

Nathan laid his hand over Jamal’s. “I’m good. And hey, great game today. You were always right where I needed you to be.”

“Always will be. On the field and off.”

Nathan grinned. He knew he could always count on his best friend.

At least there was one person he knew he could always count on.

“What the hell did you do to my sister?”

He turned to see Flynn standing in front of him, arms crossed, a fierce expression on his face.



“I know who your sister is, Flynn. I just don’t know what you’re talking about. I didn’t do anything to her.”

“Didn’t you? She’s upset.”

“Oh, is she? Well I didn’t cause that.”

“Didn’t you? She didn’t come to the game today. And when I asked her why she just said she was busy with work. Which sounds like a bullshit reason to me and could only mean she’s upset with you.”

Nathan shrugged and grabbed his bag to leave. “If she didn’t want to come to the game, that’s her decision.”

“Did you two break up?”

“No, Flynn. We didn’t break up. She dumped me. Two weeks ago.”

Flynn frowned. “She did? What the hell did she do that for?”

“Hell if I know. Maybe you should ask her, because as far as I know everything was going great between us, and suddenly she decided her career was all important, and our relationship was getting in the way of that.”

Flynn’s stance softened. “That doesn’t sound like Mia.”

“Apparently it is, because she gave me the boot right out the door, and I haven’t heard from her since.”

Flynn was silent for a few seconds. “Hey, I’m sorry, man. I didn’t know.”

“No reason you would unless Mia wanted to tell you about it.” Which, apparently, she hadn’t.

“So you two didn’t have a fight or anything?”


“Huh. I need to go talk to my sister.”

“Yeah, you do that. I’m outta here.”

“Okay. Later, Nathan.”

Nathan walked out the door, mixing in with several of his teammates who were greeted by wives and girlfriends and family members.

His mom and dad weren’t there today, which meant there was no one to greet him.

He walked down the long hallway toward the parking lot.



MIA HAD JUST FINISHED A MEETING WITH A PROSPECTIVE client and was on her way back to her office when Monique flagged her down.

“Your brother is here.”



Curious, she went to the reception area. Flynn was alone, wearing dark jeans and a button-down shirt and currently being ogled by her receptionist. She remembered Lina telling her about her crush on Flynn when she interviewed her, even though she’d informed Lina that Flynn was taken.

She smiled at the memory. “I wasn’t expecting you.”

“I know. Do you have time for lunch?”

She looked at her phone. It was still early, and her staff meeting wasn’t until two. “Sure. Let me grab my purse.”

They ended up walking to the Plant Café Organic, and got a table outside since it was a warm day.

They both ordered water and the shitake spring rolls for an appetizer.

“Where’s Amelia?” Mia asked.

“At home making both a chocolate and a lemon tart.”

“Now I’m really hungry.”

Flynn laughed. “Yeah, it smelled pretty good in there when I left her place.”

The waitress brought their appetizer, so they dug in, and also ordered lunch.

“So what brings you out here?”